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Care Instructions For Cakes

  • Cake should be transported on a level and stable surface (such as passenger side floor board) and you should drive with care, especially around corners, or when coming to a stop. 

  • Once home, the cake should be refrigerated, until about 2-3 hours before the party.  At that time cake should be left out where it will be displayed, as it tastes best once it has come to room temperature. 
  • If you need to transport the cake to another venue, other than where it was stored, make sure you have kept it refrigerated prior to moving, so the cake is sturdy, once at final destination please follow instructions above.
  • Please see our guide for most effective cutting technique.

  • Cake should always remain on level/stable surface and be kept out of direct sunlight and/or heat. 

  • Leftover cake can be wrapped in plastic wrap and covered on counter for 2-3 days, if you plan to keep longer, you can refrigerate and let come to room temperature before eating for best flavor. 

  • Client assumes all responsibility for the condition of the cake once it is in their possession.

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