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Hello best customers in the world. Now that we’ve moved into our storefront we’ve been abuzz with ideas on all of the new things we now have the freedom to do. And it soon became clear that the brainstorming of new projects and flavors always started with one central idea.

We’ve been talking for a while now about why we do what we do and why desserts are important. And we kept coming back to the same answer.


You all are the reason that we do what we do. The reason we frost cookies until three in the morning and bake hundreds of cupcakes at a time. Because when we hear your personal stories; whether it’s as big as a wedding we helped make special or as simple as coworkers who had their day brightened by our treats, we feel overwhelmed with gratitude that you let us be a part of your community. Desserts are so much more than food. They’re comfort. They’re family. They’re a way to make something important in a loved ones life. And you all show us that every day. Your personal stories are what make everything we do here worth it.

So we wanted to launch this blog to catalogue all of the things that make us happy about our business. We’ll share customer stories, store announcements, and general holiday silliness all wrapped up in a positive and adorable bow. Think of this blog as the thing you can read if you’re having a bad day and can’t come get a cupcake from us until later. Let us make you smile with our adorable goings on if you’re not able to get to us. After all, we started this business to make people happy. And we want to do that however we can. :) We’ll have a post tomorrow cataloguing all of our fall treats and also our BRAND NEW coffee courtesy of Wholy Beans. And there will be plenty of adorable pictures as well. But for now, welcome to our blog dear reader. We can’t wait to use this as a new way to make you smile. 

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