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Wow, we just launched a new blog and we already feel behind! There is so much happening here at Oliver’s that we just wanted to write one big post and tell you what’s up. So here we go. Hold on to your hats and keep your hands and feet inside the car.

Now that it is officially fall we are all in on fall goodies. So that means that we have a bunch of pumpkin spice and apple treats comin' at ya from all angles! You can place your order for any fall treat you want on our website or by DMing us through Instagram riiiiight here!

We figure if we start adding pumpkin spice treats into rotation maybe the weather will finally comply and stop being ninety degrees (I HAVE SO MANY FLANNELS ON HOLD MOTHER NATURE. COME ON WORK WITH ME).

Also to further the fall aesthetic we just launched drip coffee courtesy of Wholy Beans Coffee Company! We’re so excited about this for so many reasons. If you haven’t heard of Wholy Beans they specialize in ethically sourced, environmentally friendly, and delicious as heck coffee beans roasted in small batches to give them superior freshness. Their goal is to spread love and global awareness and they walk the walk by donating 10% of their profits to causes that support those goals. You should definitely check them out here.  And also obviously in our store. 

I would like to personally recommend pairing a cup of their coffee with one of our pumpkin spice cupcakes. It is cozy autumn heaven.

And that's not all, it's officially OCTOBER 1ST so you know what that means! 

Yep! That's right and you know what Halloween means? HALLOWEEN TREATS Y'ALL! LIKE THIS!


Oh, sorry, were those too scary? You can also get something like this:

And we're working on even more so hold on to your witch hats because we are about to blow up Instagram with all of the Halloween magic. Candles and witches and werewolves oh my! 

All right, I think that’s all we have for now. Stay tuned for even more cute fall announcements and treats to come! We’re gonna go grab some coffee and a macron and dream up some Halloween desserts. We hope you do too.

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